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Old Mammoth Grape Vine full of wine grapes

How Old Is Wine?

I’d never thought of it before [sip]. Not even a fleeting thought. But, when asked to write about wine, I thought “what better start than the origin of wine”. Cue laughter…followed by trusty Google and the more than 66 million results it presented for me to troll through [sip].

Early Adopters

Depending on who you believe, wine originated between six thousand and twelve thousand years ago although fossilised grape vines date back sixty million years. [sip] What impressed on me the most was the fact that early adopters of wine believed that the mind-altering effects were a sign of bringing the partaker close to a level of spirituality. That begs the question why is wine not under the category of spirits? [sip] I digress.

Persians, Greeks and Romans

More relevant to modern times, an ancient Persian lady of the court tried to kill herself by drinking liquid from a jar of off grapes only to alert the king to the ensuing hilarity. Ancient Greeks have had their hand in everything and no doubt you would have heard of biblical references via The Romans. [sip] So let’s credit the Roman Empire with the cultivation of crops for the production of wine. [sip] As they exported throughout other parts of Europe it was taken on by several countries. When in Rome, do as the Romans do…when not in Rome, copy them.

The Oldest Bottle Of Wine

The world's oldest bottle of wine
So the glorious art of wine making began. The oldest bottle of wine is on display at the History Museum of the Pfalz and it dates back to 325AD [sip]. Then German wine came after the biblical wine.


France has been the best at documenting wine making courtesy of the Monks that used to cultivate specialised crops for the production of wine. As an example, to this day, unless the grapes are grown in the French region of Champagne you can’t call sparkling wine Champagne. Enter the world of politics and law. [sip]

Religion & Wine

Interestingly, expansion into other countries including North and South America were courtesy of the expansion of religious missions and monasteries. Later, such as Australia, were due to entrepreneurship. It’s only a little over a hundred years ago that blended wines were introduced (science) and have become a vintners dream (marketing).

If you want to know more, simply pop over to http://www.winepros.org/wine101/history.htm
In the meantime, I’m sure you would agree that whether you’re interested in History, Politics, Law, Science, Marketing or Religion…wine is something for everyone. [sip][hic]