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How to choose from a wine list

Uh oh – A Wine List

It’s amazing how often you turn up to a venue (read – restaurant, wine bar, café) only to be presented with a wine list that has nothing familiar on it. What do you do?

First thing is to order a different alcoholic drink while you pour over the wine list. Vodka and tonic is always refreshing, with a fresh twist of lemon to cleanse the palate.

Take a deep sigh and follow a couple of simple rules.

White Wine

If white wine is your thing then there are two easy ways to choose. Firstly, if you are fairly new to drinking wines and like a sweeter, fruitier type of wine, just pick anything from New Zealand. Sauvignon Blanc works best.

Secondly, if your palate has advanced a bit and you prefer a wine with a little more complexity then pick anything from Margaret River, Western Australia. Can’t go wrong (Evans & Tate are really reliable).

Still deciding? Order another Vodka or perhaps a Campari and Lemonade to stimulate the taste buds.

Red Wine

If red wine is more your style, then look for anything from Coonawarra, South Australia. Preferably a Cabernet Sauvignon and you’ll hit the nail on the head. If a lighter red is more your style, then simply choose a Hunter Valley Pinot Noir. I’ve probably tried around 50 different Pinot Noirs over the years and the only ones I’ve liked (just 2) have been from the Hunter Valley.

So there you have it. If you don’t know any wines on the wine list, use these simple rules and you shouldn’t go wrong.


Oh, and if you have tips from other countries we’d love to hear about it.