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Uh oh – A Wine List

How to choose from a wine list

It’s amazing how often you turn up to a venue only to be presented with a wine list that has nothing familiar on it. What do you do? First thing is to order a different alcoholic drink while you pour over the wine list. Vodka and tonic is always refreshing, with a fresh twist of lemon to cleanse the palate.

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Wine medals…what do they really mean?

Bottles of wine with Award Winning Medals

When choosing a wine do you find yourself looking at the medals? Ever wondered what they mean? You could be in for a surprise. While there are certainly some world class events that are worthy of their status, many are as useful as a cat at a dog show.

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Brand X Red Blend

Wine Grapes

I'll start with: what a great find! At a price point that places it in the young category typically against 2014 daily drink vintages, this 2012 blend is very drinkable now. It has the depth of a wine of this vintage (and even a bit older) without the tartness of younger wines. There's a pleasant berry finish which adds to the smoothness and the well-rounded blend on offer.

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Black Coffee Lyrics

Dinner at Black Coffee Lyrics

Imagine, raw brick walls, exposed pipes, low lights, the husky voice of Tom waits singing blues, and a warm smile when you walk through the door, and that's just the beginning! The staff boast a world of knowledge when it comes to food, coffee, fine spirits, cocktails and boutique beers. Put your trust in them and they will take your tastebuds on an adventure! Over the last weekend, we had the pleasure of experiencing this safari of flavours with the entire Food and Wine team.

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