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Cheese Board paired with wine and fresh fruits and nuts.

For all of the Cheese lovers out there, this is for you! We did some research on Cheese...Yep, that's right Cheese. Did you know that for every letter of the alphabet there is a type of cheese? No, well neither did we until we came across the very informative cheese.com, an entire website dedicated to cheese. In fact, they have listed over 1750 types of cheese from 74 different countries around the world. Who knew that there was that much cheese out there!!

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Bread & Butter

Bread & Butter |Fresh Baked Bread

There is no food I love more than bread and butter! Now, don't get me wrong, I am most definitely NOT talking about wonder bread and margarine, that's nasty! I'm talking about a really delicious, freshly baked bread such as, organic baguette or ciabatta, with a nice expensive butter like Lurpax or truffle butter, that is ecstasy! My first impression of a good restaurant is what bread and butter/oil they give you when you order your drinks, obviously the nicer the restaurant, the nicer the bread and butter.

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Vegan Nachos

Mexican food is a big deal to my partner and I... after a recent vacation to Oaxaca in Mexico, we've become the couple (like most Americans), who are really picky with our Mexican food. What I love most about Mexican food is the variety of nutrients indulged in one meal. Beans for protein, rice, natural corn chips or quinoa for essential carbohydrates, avocado, cashews and olive oil for healthy fats and of course, a substantial amount of fresh vegetables for all your vitamins.

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Some like it hot!

Thai Spicy Chicken Wings Recipe

I love food…almost all kinds of food too! But the things I love above all else are – A nice slice of fresh bread spread with expensive butter, or Asian food! I know, you’re probably thinking I’m strange for the bread and butter one, but we will get into that another time. For now I’m going to share one of ...

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Food, what a wonderful thing!

Aglio e olio

The sound of bacon, sizzling away in a pan, The look of potatoes in duck fat, browning up in an oven, The smell of onions, sautéing on a Barbeque, The feel of wrapping a spring roll in mint and lettuce, The taste of a leg of lamb freshly cooked over a fire, on a spit. Using all your senses to ...

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Toronto Food & Wine Festival

Cochon 555

Over the course of three delectable days, the 2015 Toronto Food and Wine Festival will showcase the expertise and creativity of the best culinary talents in Toronto, Ontario and Canada. Attendees will delight in programming that features fan favourite, local and international celebrity chefs, cooking classes, tutored tastings and special events that bring the world of food, wine and spirits to local palates.

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Toowoomba Flower, Food and Wine Festival

Toowoomba Food, Flower, & Wine Festival 2015

The Toowoomba Flower, Food and Wine Festival is a signature event of the Carnival that showcases spectacular floral displays, intriguing handcrafted creations and - of course - our magnificent regional produce and boutique wines.

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Keep It Vegan

Think you know vegan cooking? Lengthy, complicated recipe lists, expensive, hard-to-find ingredients, flavourless food? Think again! Let Aine Carlin, creator of popular vegan lifestyle blog Pea Soup Eats, enlighten you with her delicious recipes and straightforward tips. Originally from Derry, Northern Ireland, Aine Carlin moved to London at the age of 18. Aine spends the majority of her time cooking, eating, ...

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The Taste of Country Cooking

Edna Lewis grew up in Freetown, Virginia, a tiny farming community established by freed slaves revolving around the ebbs and flows of the growing seasons. Accordingly, her classic book The Taste of Country Cooking is organized into menus by season, which was practically unheard of when it came out in 1976. For reference, Alice Water’s pioneering temple to seasonal cooking, ...

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The Joy of Cooking

American cookbook author, Irma S. Rombauer brings you some of the world’s most widely read cookbooks. Irma is best known for her cookbook The Joy of Cooking (1931). Collecting recipes from family and friends to add to her already extensive collection and the addition of friendly advice and homely anecdotes, is what contributed the massive success of one of the world’s ...

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